Easy Internet Log Cleaner


Internet Disk Cleaner  v.3.0

With a simple click, Internet Disk Cleaner safely clean up all Internet tracks, past computer activities and improved pc performance.It also supports test mode, cookies manager, scheduled cleanups, secure deletion and boss key.

Easy Internet Sharing Proxy Server  v.2.0

Easy Internet Sharing Proxy Server is a windows proxy server software to help you share Internet connection within the LAN easily. You can build your own proxy server between you and the Internet.


Easy Temp File Cleaner  v.1.1r2

Easy Temp File Cleaner was designed to give users the user an easy way to automatic remove temporary files on their machine. Works with both 32bit & 64bit operating systems.

Internet Browser Cleaner ActiveX  v.7.0.2

Internet Browser Cleaner ActiveX is a dll control to fast detect and delete temporary and privacy internet files (cache, history and cookies). Internet Browser Cleaner ActiveX supports most of known browsers.

Easy Spend Log  v.1.3

How do you spend your money?

Internet History Cleaner Software

Internet explorer history cleaner program for windows operating system completely removed all internet tracks, duplicate file, downloaded collections, images and pictures. Utility keep track of web login information compatible with major browser including

TIE Cleaner  v.2.0

TIE Cleaner (Temporary Internet Explorer Cleaner) is a simple but strong tool that cleans out all the temporary internet files from every user profile on the system.

Easy PC Firewall

Easy PC Firewall: Protection has never been so easy - Internet security - Antivirus, How does easy pc firewall works?, Why choose for easy pc firewall?, Easy PC Firewall version 2.0.2 has been released! The best internet security software available.

GMail Cleaner  v.1.0

Clean your GMail inbox fast and easy. The GMail Cleaner is utility which helps you keep your GMail Inbox clean. A lot of times it happens that we subscribed to number of forums, groups, mailing list.

NetShred X  v.5.0.8

Wipe cache, erase history and more with this internet track eraser for Mac OS X that is easy, fast and cleaner. Easy because it runs automatically. Cleaner because it will erase, not just delete. Easy to use Mac privacy software.


Clear cache, erase history permanently with NetShred, the easy-to-use internet track eraser for Mac OS 8 / OS 9 that erases files your browser and email programs leave behind. NetShred is the internet privacy software that is easy, fast and cleaner. Easy

Avirt Gateway  v.4 2

Designed with the small to medium office in mind, Avirt Gateway combines easy Internet sharing with the advanced features that most offices need.

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